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Steel Window Replacement

Are you wanting to replace your old steel windows but not looking forward to the renovation mess? 

There is a solution to replace old steel windows with Aluminium Casement Windows without any invasive alterations to your property. Your steel Windows can be replaced quickly with minimal mess in a cost-effective manner. 

The time for the installation depends on the size and type of project but as a guideline, an average 3 bedroom home can be completed in 2 days. All windows removed in a day are replaced with the new windows on the same day and we will not leave your home open.

Replacing your steel windows with Aluminum Windows hold many benefits such as:

  • Adding value to your property

  • Better Insulation

  • Reduced Energy Cost

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Eco Friendly

Additional benefits can be realised depending on the type of glass used in the Windows

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