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The WindStop Pro is an innovative, modern solution for enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of occupants or patrons in windswept outdoor dining, entertainment or recreation areas.

The system is suited for wind protection in a number of residential and commercial settings including pools, jacuzzis, gardens, terraces, decks and more.

It offers a host of benefits for the fabricator and end user:

  • Suited to residential and commercial applications

  • Customisable for seamless integration into any space

  • Strong, safe aluminium and toughened glass construction

  • Easy manual operation to extend and retract as needed

  • Shields from wind without obstructing light and views

  • Modular design for simple, fast installation

  • Durable, low maintenance components

Introducing the WindStop Pro Glass Windbreak Railing System

Height-Adjustable Glass Windscreen

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WindStop Pro

The revolutionary WindStop Pro comprises a glass railing system with a telescopic panel that extends to provide a transparent windbreak. The multi-functional system is used to partition, enclose and shelter open-air spaces exposed to the wind.

The WindStop Pro is operated via a smart mechanism that allows the extendable railing to be raised with a single touch. By pushing the top of the panel, the internal, synchronised gas springs raise it to a height of 1900mm. The gas springs are maintenance-free.

Suited to a Multitude of Applications

For seamless integration into any space, modules are available in various widths and finishes to suit different dimensions and aesthetics. With the optional wheeled base, the railing can be used as an interior partition.

WindStop Pro

Simple, Fast Installation

Conveniently supplied in ready-to-install modules, pre-fabricated to the customer’s specification. On site the modules are positioned, aligned and anchored without the requirement for any special tools or equipment.

WindStop Pro
WindStop Pro

Maximum Light and Transparency

The elegant, minimal design is semi-frameless, featuring slim vertical posts and glass infills with no transom profiles. The railing shields from wind, dust and debris without obstructing natural light and views.

Strong and Safe Construction

Constructed of strong, extruded aluminium posts with 8mm toughened safety glass infill panels for the fixed and extendable railings. It is designed for wind resistance and safety in the event of glass breakage.

WindStop Pro

Flexibility and Ease of Use

The railing can be extended when needed and easily retracted when no longer required. The smart mechanism facilitates simple, manual/hand operation eliminating the need for buttons, remotes etc.

WindStop Pro

Lasting, Low Maintenance Components

Powder-coated posts and glass treated with an optional “easy-clean” coating ensure durable, low maintenance components. The bottom of the railing allows drainage and prevents build up of leaves and other debris.

WindStop Pro

Easy to Operate, Height-Adjustable Glass Windscreen

An Innovative, Modern Solution for Windswept Areas

Elegant, Minimal & Modular Design

The WindStop Pro is assembled locally and supplied as a ready-to-install, pre-fabricated module comprising two fixed post profiles, two telescopic post profiles, two sets of internal mechanisms and components, two base plates, eight M10 anchors and two 8mm toughened safety glass panels as standard. The modules are available in various widths between 800mm and 1800mm, with posts and base plates in various RAL colours and with laminated safety glass panels on request.

WindStop Pro

Standard RAL Colours

Aluminium posts and base plates are powder coated in 9010 White, 9006 Aluminium Grey, 7016 Anthracite Grey or 9005 Black as standard. Other colours are available on request.

WindStop Pro Colours




RAL powder coated

Mounting type

Floor mounted

Fixing method

Steel base plate + M10 threaded rods

Module width

800mm ∼ 1800mm

Glass type (fixed and extendable railings)

8mm monolithic toughened (laminated on request)

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